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About Us

School Overview

UT Preparatory Academy is a registered and certified private high school in Toronto, Canada. It provides for both local and international students the following programs - Ontario Secondary School curriculum, Pre-university courses, ESL and IELTS preparatory courses.


Why Choose UTPA

Each faculty at UTPA strives to provide excellent student support service and a positive memorable Canadian experience to our students.

Our students are given every opportunity to learn to develop success principles which will ultimately prepare them to succeed in Canada’s most competitive universities and colleges.

Students at UTPA come from all over the world.
Their spirit, creativity and passion to study in Canada make for a truly dynamic, diversified and interactive classroom that celebrates cross- cultural exchange, character development, and real-world experience in a supportive learning environment.



live an unforgettable Canadian immersion experience

enjoy a flexible admission process

get placed in appropriate academic courses

develop a passion for learning

enjoy learning in a student-centered environment

celebrate Canadian traditions at school gatherings

learn the skills necessary to become successful

help build discipline and leadership skills

The UTPA Advantage

Mission & Vision

Our goal at UTPA is to promote and enhance an unforgettable Canadian immersion experience, provide a positive learning experience in the areas of English and/or French, mentor and help students meet academic standards required for acceptance at competitive universities and colleges, learn success principles and engage in community service and volunteerism.

The UTPA Experience


“My guidance counsellor spent a lot of time with my parents and me to help with the university application process. As a result, I was able to meet all of the application deadlines.”


“My guidance counsellor helped me design a strategy for completing volunteer hours. The experience of volunteering in a new country was so much more rewarding because of her support.”



“UTPA organized a university campus tour at the University of Toronto. This experience helped me realize that my dream of attending a competitive university in Canada was beginning to come true. I am grateful to the staff who came with us and gave us a memory I will never forget.”

Our  Faculty

Jerry H. Freed


Eli Mirshekari

Mathematics Teacher

Mohammad Umeya

English Teacher

Jessica Bloomfield

ESL Teacher

Nearly 70 percent of our faculty possess some form of advanced degree, including five who hold either an academic or professional doctorate. What better role models to instill a love of learning?


“UTPA organized many fun parties for us throughout the year. I loved every party because I love this school, especially my teachers and classmates.”



“The teachers help me to learn how to study independently so that I will become a successful student in university”.



Toronto Office:

205 Sparks Avenue, Toronto, ON
Canada M2H 2S5


China Office:

Unit 3314, Fuli Yingxin Building, 28 Huaxia Rd, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, China, 510620



Working collaboratively to ensure
every student achieves academically, socially, and emotionally.

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