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The 15 week course is designed for international students and temporary workers who want to immigrate to Quebec and are eligible for the Programme d’Expérience Quebecoise (PEQ). The students of this course can submit their final transcripts to Immigration Québec as an attestation of advanced intermediate (Level B2) French language proficiency.

Speaking French is a necessity

If you want to immigrate to Canada, Québec is one of good choice. Québec society is governed by the Charter of the French Language which makes French the official language of Québec. French is the language of public institutions and the standard common language of work, instruction, communications, trade and business. Québec cares about preserving and promoting its official language. French is not only an essential communication tool, but also a common symbol of belonging to Québec society. To integrate into their new living environment, immigrants who are not fluent in French must make an effort to learn it.

To help them do so, the Québec government offers French courses. The children of immigrants who settle permanently in Québec normally attend French school. Candidates wishing to practise a profession regulated by a professional order must demonstrate sufficient knowledge of the French language in order to obtain a regular permit.





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